An Open Letter to Métis Nation Leaders, regarding their support of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Dear Métis Nation Leaders,

Who are you?

Please take a moment to really think about that. We are not asking for your name, or your political title, or even what Métis government you claim to represent. As Métis youth, women and Two Spirit people from across the homeland, we want to know who you really are, and when in your journeys did being Métis simply become an identity to assert in order to obtain money and power. When did you leave behind your responsibilities as Indigenous people and when did you lose connection to our ancestors of the past and our children of the future?

Did you forget about them? Did you forget about us?

Listening to your words approving the Kinder Morgan Pipeline has left us outraged, embarrassed and hurt. We are in a dangerous time where economic and reconciliation rhetoric is being used to placate and distract us from ongoing attacks on Indigenous rights and justice. Your words and actions are a painful reminder that it is not just non-Indigenous leaders perpetuating this manipulation and injustice, but some of our own leaders as well.

As an Indigenous nation, if we are truly fighting for the future of Métis communities we must first be fighting for the rights of the land. The land and waters of these territories represent more of who we are than the physical bodies that we walk in. They carry our knowledge, they carry our stories and they carry our original laws of governance and relationality that ground us as Indigenous peoples. We must rebuild and maintain good relations with our First Nations relatives and with all of creation. To support a pipeline project that threatens the land and waters is a direct attack on these relations and a direct attack on our own people. Our future will not be secure through the economic activity of the Kinder Morgan pipeline, it will be secure in our relations with the land, air, water, plants and living beings.

Just as the oil that will eventually spill if this project goes ahead, this political move is dripping in colonialism, capitalism, and greed. These processes and the systems upholding them are poison and are fuelling hostility between us and our First Nations relatives. To assert that the project was approved following a rigorous consultation process that included meaningful engagement with First Nations and Métis Nation communities is fraught with diluted notions of what those concepts mean and disrespect for the sovereignty of other nations. Now more than ever, we should be standing with one another and strengthening our relations, not dividing us further for short-term economic development.

What we are trying to make clear to you here is that we do not stand with you in your stance on this project, and your disregard for our future as Métis people and communities is shameful. By not protecting the land and water, you are not protecting us and are sending a clear message that our lives, our children’s lives, and future generations do not matter.

Métis Nation Leaders, we call on you to rescind your support of the Trans Mountain Pipeline and we call on the rest of our community to stand with us in holding our leadership accountable.

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Gabrielle Fayant-Lewis (Fishing Lake Métis Settlement), Lindsay DuPré (Métis Nation of Ontario, Red River Métis living in Tkaronto), Lucy Fowler (Manitoba Métis Federation), Erin Marie Konsmo (Métis Nation of Alberta), Brittany Mathews (Métis Nation of Alberta), Justin Wiebe (CUMFI Local 165), Elizabeth Fast (Manitoba Métis Federation), Krista McNamara (Penetanguishene Métis), Jesse Cardinal (Kikino Métis Settlement), Jacqueline Fayant (Fishing Lake Métis Settlement), Zoe Todd (amiswaciwaskahikan/St Paul des Métis Settlement, uninvited visitor in Omàmiwininiwak territory), Darren O’Toole (Waabishkizi mishtadim mashkodeng, Manidoo-abi), Sahra MacLean (Otipemisiwak), Jordan Adilman (Métis, Saskatchewan), Brenda Macdougall (Halfbreed, Saskatoon. From the amiswaciwaskahikan and St. Clement’s families, currently living in unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin Territory), Rihkee Strapp (Métis Nation of Ontario), Michelle Smith (Red River Métis, Living in unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territory), Moe Clark (Métis Nation of Alberta, Living in unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territory), Skye Durocher (Fishing Lake Métis Settlement), Simone Blais (Métis Nation of Ontario), Tunchai Redvers (Fort Resolution, NWT), Sheyenne Spence (Crane River, Manitoba), Heather Lucier (Calgary), Warren Cardinal-McTeague (Métis Nation of Alberta, Lac La Biche), Nicole Desnoyers (Métis, Winnipeg), Chloe Erlendson (Manitoba Métis Federation), Mitch Case (Sault Ste. Marie), Carly Rae Jones (Métis Nation BC), Renée Monchalin (Métis, Red River, Algonquin/ Huron, Calumet Island), Samantha Nock (Metis Nation of British Columbia / family originally from Ile-a-la-Crosse, SK, living on unceded Coast Salish Territory), Shannon Dupont (MMF), Miranda Moran (Saskatchewan Grassroots Métis), Savannah Poirier (Metis & Nēhiyawak Treaty 7 Territory), Meagan Green (Métis), Jordy Sykes (Métis Nation of Ontario), anonymousTaylor Daigneault (Manitoba Métis Federation – Seven Oaks Local), Katie Baltzer (Métis Nation of Ontario), Melissa (Windsor), Tommy Hoffman (Métis Nation of Ontario), Graham Giniw Paradis (Penetanguishene/Drummond Island), Christi Belcourt (mânitow sâkahikan/Lac Ste Anne Michif), Jordyn Hrenyk (Métis Nation Saskatchewan, Local #7 living on unceded Lekwungen Territory), Camryn HarlickPatricia MacDonald (A Metis living on Nipissing Reserve), Heather (Great Lakes Métis), Artemis (From Manitoba, currently located on Block 2 of the Haldimand Tract), anonymous (Métis Nation BC), Matthew Bombarbier (Waawiyaatanong-ziibi), Benny Michaud (St. Boniface, Manitoba), Alix Reynolds (Red River Métis, MB), Crystal LaPlante (Saskatoon), Anne Belanger (Métis, Ontario), Dakota Fayant-McLeod (Qu’Appelle Michif, nēhiyawak treaty 4), Laura Beaudry (Peavine Métis Settlement, Gift Lake Métis Settlement, Current Member: Métis Nation of BC), Dorian Jensen (Red River Métis, living in Ottawa), Jerrika Durocher-Barthel (Fishing Lake Métis Settlement), Nathan G (Red River Otipemisiwak), Sākihitowin Awāsis (Red River Michif / French River Anishinaabe), Charlene Lavallee (Batoche, Saskatchewan Metis Homeland), Bek Brucker (Métis, residing in Coast Salish land), Chester Herman (Local #39, Métis Nation of Saskatchewan), Darren Patenaude (Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement), Jennifer Johnson (Caldwell First Nation, living in Tkaronto, daughter and granddaughter of Metis Matriarchs from Round Prairie Metis in Saskatchewan), Wendy Walker (Métis Nation of Alberta), Amy Christianson (Metis Treaty 8, Laboucane/Cardinal families), Isabella D (Métis Nation of Ontario), Dakota Laliberte (Ile-a-la-Crosse), Tera Beaulieu (Métis Nation of Ontario), Ish Van Der Rassel (North Bay), Janelle Delorme (Métis de la Rivière Rouge, Union nationale métisse St-Joseph du Manitoba), anonymous (Manitoba), Desiree Norwood (Métis Nation), Kelly Duquette (Red River, born in Atikokan, Ontario-Treaty 3), Nicole Stonyk (Red River Valley, Manitoba). Melanie Lefebvre (Red River Métis), Rebecca Beaulne-Stuebing (Red River Métis living in Toronto), Megan Southwell (Penetanguishene/living in Tkaronto), Wesley Fallis (Rat River, living in Red River), Meg Ellis (Métis Nation of Ontario, Drummond Island Métis Community), Molly Swain (Métis Nation of Alberta), Elizabeth Chapman (Mikisiw Metis Association, MNBC), Amanda San Filippo (Manitoba Métis Federation), Mikhail Gereaux (Métis Nation Saskatchewan), Misty Belcourt (St. Eustache Metis), Cole Alvis (Métis, Turtle Mountains in Manitobah now living in Tkarón:to), N Linklater (Vancouver), Kristen Bos (Red River Métis), Ashlyn Q (Métis, Penetanguishene / Georgian Bay), Jacob Crawford (Métis Nation of Ontario), Alycia Lameboy-Dixon (Chisasibi First Nations, Eastern of James Bay Quebec), Jason Surkan (Vice President, Fish Lake Métis Local 108, Treaty Six Territory), Andrea Racette (Duck Lake, Saskatchewan), Michelle Murphy (Métis, Winnipeg, MMF), Cara Mumford (Métis Nation of Alberta), Kristy Frenken-Francis (Métis Nation of British Columbia), Meghan Miskonangokwe Young (Bootaagani-Minising, Drummond Island, & Penetanguishene and currently living on the traditional territory of the Mississauga Anishinaabeg, Williams Treaty 1818), Emily Simmonds (Red River Metis living as an uninvited guest in Toronto), Anonymous (Roots in Red River), Tanya Brunel (Manitoba Métis Federation – Redboine), April Waters (Red River Métis, Winnipeg), Cooper DuPré (Métis Nation of Ontario), Max Liboiron (Lac la Biche, living in Newfoundland), Ally Freedman (The Pas), Nathanial Davidson (Alberta Metis), Joseph (BC Métis), Evan Ducharme (The Metis Community of St. Ambroise, Isle de Pierre), Faith Marie Dunn (Red River Métis), Jaylene Delorme-Buggins (NWAC National Youth Rep, HayRiver, NWT), Chelsea Gabel (Métis, Rivers, Manitoba), Brenda Laurin (Georgian Bay Metis, Ontario), Deborah Pointon (Georgian Bay Metis), Rita Pinkney (Georgian Bay), Jennifer Adese (amiswaciwaskahikan, Lenny/Lennie family, Ontario-raised, uninvited visitor in Omàmiwininiwak territory), Barb Fayant (Michif from Saskatchewan living on shared traditional territory of Kwanlin Dun First Nations and TA’AN KWÄCH’ÄN Council), Raven, Kim Anderson (Métis), Breanne Martin (Anishinaabe Wiisakode, Lake Superior Region, Metis Nation of Ontario, living on Algonquin Territory), Alexander Dirksen (Métis Nation BC, living on the unceded territories of the xʷməθkwəy̓əm – Musqueam – Skwxwú7mesh – Squamish – and səlil̓wətaʔɬ – Tsleil-Waututh – Nations), Jacqueline Pelland (Manitoba Metis Federation), Anonymous (Meadow Lake), Sharnelle J-T (Metis from Saskatchewan (Métis Nation BC, living on the unceded Coast Salish Territories), Jeffrey Dusome (Penetanguishene & Bōtagan-Minising), Tom Roberts (Red River Métis, MMF), Ashley McKay (Métis Nation Saskatchewan, Local #7, living on unceded Lekwungen Territory), Monique Auger (Métis Nation British Columbia), Michelle Brown (Metis Nation BC), Nathalie Bertin (Metis Nation of Ontario), Sasha Simmons (Edmonton / Amiskwaciy Waskahikan), Josh Morin (Michif Cultural Connections (St Albert Métis)), Kirstyn Kowalchuk (Manitoba Métis), Shanese Indoowaaboo Steele (Red Sky Métis Independent Nation), Shane niigaaniizi Camastro  (Anishinaabe Métis, Great Lakes/One Dish, One Spoon territory), Carole Cloutier (Temiskaming Metis), Megan Brown (MNBC), Kate Stewart-Mcneil (MNO/Penetanguishene, Drummond Island Métis)

In Solidarity:

Erica Violet Lee (Nēhiyawak, Treaty Six territory), Andre Bear (Nēhiyawak, Treaty Six Territory), Miskwaa Animikiikwe (Eeyou Istchee / Baawating), Stephen Mussell (Métis Nation British Columbia), Harry AuWaasekom (Saugeen Anishinaabek), Dallas Fiddler (Waterhen Lake First Nation), Dani Lanouette (Neyaashiinigmiing Anishinaabekiing, Algonquins of Barriere Lake), Johanne Brissette (Métis de la Chicot), Hayden King (Gchi’mnissing), anonymous (Sask Cree First Nation), Jesse Adrian Thistle (Erin Ferry/Park Valley Road Allowance, Saskatchewan, living in Ontario – MNO, Morrissette-Arcand clan), anonymous, Johanne Bilodeau, Marie Laing (Mohawk, Six Nations of the Grand River), Larry Bird (Otipemisiwak), JoelleTerry Desjardins (Windsor), Tony Belcourt (Manitou Sakagahan living in Unceded territory of the Algonquins of Pitwakanahgan), David B (Waawyaatanong-ziibi), Dylan Miner (Bootaaganini-minis Wiisaakodewininiwag – descended from L’Hirondelle, Brissette, Miner families // based in Nkwejong, Anishinaabewaki – 1819 Treaty of Saginaw territory), Jim Roberts (Living outside the Homeland, MMF), Traci Lawrence (unknown: 2nd Gen. Scoop Survivor), Nancy Shipman (Walpole Island First Nation), Brendan Campbell (oskana kā-asastēki (Regina), Treaty 4 Territory), Suu Wii Lax Ha (Terry McKay) (unceded Algonquin territory), Shad Gereaux (Metis Nation Saskatchewan), Destiny Soney (Walpole Island First Nation), Josh Otakwadjiwan (Wikwemikong – Anishinaabe, Odawa & Ojibwe), Jeri Malone (Kmitkinag), anonymous (Wikwemikong), Justine King (Mother of Metis children), Russ Letica (Wolastoqey Nation), Caroline Brown (Temagami First Nation), Ismene Toussaint, Steven C Bentley, Neal Shannacappo (Rolling River FN, Manitoba country), Gregory Taylor (Metis Nation Citizen, Red River. Living in Algonquin territory), Teila Whiteduck (Moose Cree First Nation – treaty 9 territory), Gil DuPré (Métis Nation of Ontario), Jamie Lee Morin (Maniwaki, living in Tkaronto), Jean-Francois Gagnon, Bobby Bouvier (Ile a la Crosse, Saskatchewan), Eve Tuck (Unangax), Erin Dolmage (Toronto), Adam Scriven, Keighlagh Donovan (Treaty 6 Amiskwaciy), David Skene (Métis Nation of Ontario), Trevor J. Phillips (Métis Nation of Alberta, Edmonton-Jasper Place), Dennis Pepin Jr (Métis in Regina originally from Alberta, ancestral ties all over Western Canada), Michelle Ross, anonymous, Brian Provost (Red River Métis, MMF, living on unceded Coast Salish Nations Territory), Douglas Blanchard (Mid-Island Metis), Peter Hobbs, Ramona Reece, Robert Johnston, Devan Cronshaw (Manitoba Metis Federation), Duygu Kasdogan, Dana Seitler (Toronto), Tammy Cadue (Ontario Coalition of Indigenous Peoples), Angela Bennett (Suburban Ontario, Brampton), Bill PKrista VG (Unceded Coast Salish Territory of the Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ Nations), Ronald Gamblin (Pimicikamak Cree Nation), Tanya Snowshoe (Inuvik, Northwest Territories), Tiauna Cabillan, anonymous, Michael (Kitigansíbi), Chenoa Raine (Louis Bull Tribe, living in Amiskowatsi-waski-gan), Roger Laurin (Georgian Bay Metis, Ontario), Raymond Sylvest (Elder, Georgian Bay Metis, Ontario), Amanda Dale (Metis living on the unceded Territory of Haudenosaunee Confederacy)Vanessa TuckAnonymous (Cranbrook), Mahara B (Chipewyan of NWT, living on Algonquin Unceded Territory), Erin (Belle) Donnelly (Old Masett, Haida Gwaii), Carrington Christmas (Mi’kmaw First Nations), Anonymous (Nunavut), Suzanne Thomaidis (Algonquin Acadian), Chenoa (Sachigo Lake First Nation), AnonymousCody ‘Coyote’ Purcell (Matachewan First Nation), Drew Collins-Scalplock (Siksika First Nation), Andrea White (Montreal), Malcolm Guy (Living in unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territory (Montréal)), Marie Boti (Montreal), Freda Guttman, Sherilyn, Fern D’Anghera, In Solidarity (Montreal, QC), Amanda Mayappo (Cree First Nation of Waswanipi, QC), Will Aitken, Ann Beer (Montreal), Nora Jones, Glenn Hodgins (Hemmingford, Quebec), Nadine St-Louis (Mi’kmaq, Acadian, Scottish), anonymous (Kuujjuaq), Barbara (Westridge, Burnaby, BC), Tracy Coates (Kanien’kehá:ka iakón:kwe), Sadeqa Siddiqui (Montreal)